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Fancy Dress: Maleficient

And it's up! The Halloween costume that got me so many hearts on Instagram, Likes on Facebook and compliments from drunk people. The date will be edited to make it appear as if it was put up in November but for those of you already following you'll know how late the true date is!

It may not be a particularly big secret that I love fancy dress and plan my costumes for Halloween/Eurovision/my themed birthday months before it happens. Though I'll admit with the moving across the country situation this idea came a bit late to me and I had to pray the costume arrived in time. But I really think this may go down as a favourite (and I've dressed up as Katy Perry, a Ghostbuster and even a Crayola crayon!).

As for the make-up, the green face paint was Smiffy's (though I'll admit I have no idea if they are a cruelty-free company) which I found among the countless 'goth shops' along Queen Street in Glasgow. I also wore Urban Decay Babydoll lashes which truthfully I found a bitch to apply as they wouldn't bend to the shape of my eye easily. This was the first UD product I've ever used so I don't want to bad mouth it - but it really has put me off the eyelash range (and there has since been the whole being bought over by L'Oreal fiasco). The eyeshadow was also the first time I used my Blink + Go eyeshadow and blush kit which I received in a Glossybox ages ago, and was very impressed by. I only ever use coloured eyeshadow for fancy dress purposes but I found this really pigmented and lasted all night. 

And where did I wear this amazing costume? Because I'm now in a full-time job and many of my other friends have similar grown-up commitments Gillian threw a pre-Halloween weekend bash at hers in Edinburgh so I toddled along there for a night of hand-made cupcakes and bowls of punch. Followed by a night at Potterow. (Fun blogger fact - did you know me and Gillian have known each other since we were nine? You do now!). 

Lots of Sleeping Beauty love ;)

Morag x
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