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23 October 2015

The Linkables

Internet! I've had a busy week (or a lazy decide) and as a result this Linkables is fairly short. I'm having first relatively chilled out weekend in ages before the Halloween/birthday/Chirstmas part season begins. 


I dye my hair anyway, so it's hard to say whether I'd cover my greys (when I get them...) but here's a photo diary of how different woman feel on the topic

Co-signed: you have the power to ruin someone's day. Don't be a jerk. 

If you're 'tripping the USA soon, here's some funky AirBnB's for less than $50

You might have already seen this lul-worthy video doing the rounds: Irish Men Explain Women's Sex Toys

If you're in Dundee for Halloween times, how about a pug party at BrewDog?

Breaking up with someone is never easy to do, but some psychologists have explained how to do it compassionately

LOL, but somewhat true: 21 times Tumblr gave us relationship goals

So...I'm not really into rap music. But I am a huge Nelly fan. Even more so when I found out that he sends 2 kids to college every year.

The first ever episode of Hollyoaks in on 40d right now. It's bad. And stars Will Mellor. 

I've never been too bothered doing certain activities alone, and I'm glad the rest of the world is beginning to agree.

Glaswegians (and Edinburgers) Uber is now on our streets,  

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