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12 October 2015

Granny Takes a Dip

It feels like forever since I've purchased a bubble bar from Lush. Two weekends ago I decided to cancel my dry spell (har har) and a purchase a bubble bar to take down the stresses that life has been providing me with recently. 

When I entered the Glasgow Buchanan Street store looking for a bath bomb (and henna hair dye) it had actually been a while since I had been in a Lush store, period. I had brand new products to scout through and I had to be strict with myself to only purchase what I came in for. After deliberating amongst the bubble bars and reminding myself to only pick one I settled on the Granny Takes a Bath. You might be previously aware of a bath bomb under the same name, however I've never been a fan of the bombs (bubble bar, always) so this was my first flurry into the scent. 

According to the website, this is a "ginger, pepper and lemon-scented bubble bar". Upon a sniff I'd say the lemon is the most pungent of the scents and has an overall very citrusey smell. The bar itself is huge and could easily do two baths, but I'm greedy and love massive bubbles so I plumped the whole thing in (and got huge bubbles). Upon entering the water it began to give a fun rainbow appeal however when mixed all together the water eventually went grey. However the combination of the citrus scent and the massive bubbles made for one uplifting bubble bath. Definitely one for when you're needing a perk up. 

Have you tried the Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar from Lush?

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