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2 October 2015

The Linkables


I hope your Friday is going swimmingly. Unless something goes terribly wrong I should be waking up in London this morning, with this scheduled Linkables going live whilst I set out on a day of exploring before my plane back tonight. I'm going to head up to Camden, then across to Soho and Oxford Street before making my way to the train station. Busy busy! 

After a quiet on the blog due to a week of London-planning and new flatmate-ing, here's some links to keep you entertained! 

Sex & Relationships

The 13 best pop songs about female masturbation. Serious stuff....

My love language is words and a well-worded romantic e-mail can set my heart fluttering. Apparently some study show I'm not alone.

Personal & Self-Development

If you've got a few events coming up where there will be new friends to meet here's some tips on upping your first impressions game

I'm co-signing: flaking out is not self-care

I was clutching my pearls slightly while skimming through this, but if you're a fan of the creepy then this Creepy Girl Travel blog might not make you clutch your pearls. 


I discovered this week that Carluccio's have a separate vegetarian and vegan menu. Their vegetarian menu is available online

I'm not sure why I find a video of Beyonce dancing to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune so alluring, but I do

I've mentioned before that I went to a non-uniformed high school and believe it's the way forward. This American high schooler also went to a school with no-dress code and feels the same way

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