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The Linkables

Now that it's autumn, it's the perfect time to cuddle up on the sofa with some Netflix (or the illegal streaming service of your choice). I finished Scream on Monday night, having watched the first season in just three (otherwise very busy) days and cannot wait for the next season in March. I've forcing myself away from Netflix to try and finish my current book (The Handmaiden's Tale) and finish the Batgirl New 52 collection I picked up from Comic Con two weeks ago! I'm away out for dinner tonight with my dad who's in town and I'll be meeting up with some fabulous blogging ladies on Sunday. 

 Anyway, enough about Netflix. Links! 

Veganism & Food

I've said before that I have mixed feelings about animal testing for medical purposes, but it disturbs me that animal tests in the UK are still badly designed

On the topic of animal testing, how about some dissected knitted animals

I gave up meat almost 5 years ago now, but it's been 20 years for Lisa Simpson

Feminism & Equality

"When we say that a man who claims to hate women is hardly a loss because he’s unattractive, we’re saying that unattractive people are worth less than attractive people, and we’re saying that if the man was attractive, we would be more inclined to be sympathetic to his bigotry." How Feminist Can Do More To Fight Toxic Masculinity.

I attended my first Scottish Green Party conference last weekend, and we passed some pretty progressive LGBTI+ policies


A new USA holiday destination for me to obsess over: Monhegan Island

For my recent trip to London I used all these travel research tips to find some hidden gems.

Though I wish I had known about Garlic & Shots before I went. 

Plus, some extra packing tips.


I don't think I'll ever make the effort to attend a Con abroad, but I did get a pang of jealousy when I found out the author of The Babsitters Club was sitting on a panel of NY Comic Con

Food and wine pairings you had maybe not thought of. I'm co-signing rose and sushi.

I'd love to deck out my home in geeky fanware, however I'm still house proud and want to live like a classy adult. These 16 classy Harry Potter decorations combine the best of both worlds

For night when you don't want silence, but don't want music either (I personally like crickets).

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