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20 October 2015

Superdrug False Eyelashes

A few years back false eyelashes used to be a big part of my going out look. They added a bit of pow pow to my small eyes, and threw in a bit of glamour (as well as looking better on camera). My eyelashes of choice were Eyelure, however their parent company have never responded to my emails regarding any of their brands. 

I have dipped my toes into other false eyelash brands since. I tried No7's eyelashes but the glue turned out to be, well, not very gluey (before I realised that No7 are naughty and are a grey area brand). I then tried Urban Decay false eyelashes, but their eyelashes were really....firm, and I couldn't really bend them to my eye shape. This time it was Superdrug turn to see if I could recreate my former look. 

I picked up the most 'natural' looking ones I could, as I've always looked for false eyelashes that look a little fake in real life but could almost be natural in photographs. However even when purchasing these I was concerned that the lashes look quite long. One thing I did like however, was the length of the lashline. I have quite small eyes so I always have to trim false eyelashes anyway, but it's good to know that for any of you with larger eyes these might fit the whole lid! 

The actual length of the lashes themselves were, as when I thought when purchasing, very long and fluttery. Maybe too long and fluttery. In real life they look beyond fake, and in photos they look sort of fake too (I'm wearing them in my second London vlog). They also look quite cheap. Yes, they are cheap but Superdrug has surprised me with the quality of their stuff on several occasions. Unfortunately, the false eyelashes are cheap for a reason. I might continue to wear these in YouTube videos but I doubt I'll wear them in public again. 

The quest for the perfect cruelty-free false eyelashes continue....

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