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7 October 2015

Vegan Pizza at Mono, Glasgow

vegan pizza mono glasgow

I'm almost coming up to my three year Glasgow-move anniversary. One of the reasons I was so excited to move to Glasgow upon graduation was the vegan friendliness of the city. But saying this, I've not actually eaten at that many of Glasgow's vegan-only venues...

The reason for this has mainly been that most of my friends and both my parents eat meat. And whilst they want to go somewhere where I won't be left with a mushroom risotto, they want to go somewhere where they can still eat meat. Thankfully for me the Scottish Greens Women's Network have their monthly meeting in Mono, just round the back of the St Enoch Centre and on the edge of the Merchant City area of Glasgow. 

Mono, for a long time, had been the vegan restaurant in Glasgow that I have wanted to try. The menu is larger than the other vegan places in the city and has a much wider selection (even vegan only places are guilty of putting the stereotypical falafel spread...). And even though I've stopped by for various events and such, this is the first time I've popped in for some lunch.  

Before I even got there, I knew I was in the mood for one of their pizzas, and this was before I had even had a chance to check what kind of pizzas were on offer. As mentioned before I've always loved pizza but with a lack of vegan options in most pizza places it has remained one of those 'foods I miss'. So whenever I'm given the chance to eat a vegan pizza, I grab it both hands (and stuff it in my mouth). 

I settled on the garlic mushrooms, capers, spinach and cream cheese pizza because, you know, garlic mushrooms. I very almost ordered the roasted artichoke, sunblushed tomatoes, olives, red onion and fresh basil pizza but because it sounded very similar to the Pizza Express Pianta, and I decided to leave it and try something different. 

The topping was lovely, albeit sharp (I think it was the capers). The garlic mushrooms were as perfect as garlic mushrooms always are. The cream cheese was a tad weird (it was more like a squeezy cheese sauce). The base however, wasn't my cup of tea. It's described as sourdough and my way of describing it would be wholemeal and homemade. I'm all about the Italian crusts over here (never put a deep pie pizza in from of me, pal). 

I liked it and I'm still going to pop back for more of their menu. The Pho sounds good and they have a menu board with extra up each day. And on the day I was in? They had a vegan deep fried pizza! (For all my non-Scottish readers, deep frying random foods really is a thing in Scotland).

Plus they also have Monorail, their very own record shop situated at the back of the café. Well worth a visit whether it's vegan food or indie records you're into. 


  1. The pizza sounds great! Especially the mushrooms. I love mushrooms and I love garlic so the two combined is basically a match made in heaven! :)

  2. It's a pity the base wasn't up to much! I'm all for the thin Italian pizzas too. Still really want to try their pizzas out though. And their other stuff! I still haven't been to Mono at all!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings


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