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30 October 2015

The Linkables

If you've always thought The Scottish Greens were full of organic eating urbanites, this member did too until the recent Party Conference.  

HIV is real guys (remember to get tested!). But it took a long time to convince people that it was

As that 'shy kid' in the class who never volunteered answers this article on teaching introverted kids gave me alll he feels

I had my first AirBnB experience recently (and I came back alive!), so it's safe to say people probably won't get murdered with the arrival of Uber in Glasgow

The hotel that inspired The Shining is getting turned into a horror museum

A kiltmaker in Paisley has launched some superhero tartans

If you're wondering who not to vote for next general election, here's the MPs who want to tax tampons

If you'd rather snuggle up with a book than go out trick or treating, here's Lauren's collection of scary books to get you in the Halloween mode

Keeping your surname when you get married? Or maybe creating a new one altogether

Still stuck for Halloween ideas? I very almost went as this Snapchat feature

A very important podcast about....pockets.

Or here's a podcast series on adult reading their teenage diaries out-loud to strangers.  

If you're after some travel inspiration, how about these travel blogger snapchatters

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  1. Thank you for the shoutout of our podcast Morag! Beth x


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