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Fashion Fabrics at Remnant Kings

Like most individuals who love clothes and fashion, I'm probably not alone in disliking wearing something that everyone else and their favourite blogger owns. And because of that I've entertained the idea on several occasions of designing and sewing my own one of a piece item. But for one there's the fact that I've never sat down to learn the art of seam-stressing. Then there's the availability of beautiful and funky fabrics. Because let's be honest your local high street fabric store is usually full of designs more appropriate for Halloween or a set of curtains rather than a Saturday night frock. 

My opinion on high street fabrics changed however this week when I was invited along to Remnant Kings on Argyle Street (the entrance is hidden near House of Frasers - you can easily miss it). Whilst Remnant Kings have been guilty in the past of offering only plain coloured fabrics, they are now a brand with their finger on the fashion pulse and have launched their very first fashion range ready for Autumn/winter 15/16. And I'm telling you, it's gorgeous. 

remnant kings fabrics

Throughout their store - which has been re-done to include a sewing hub - stocks a wide range of fabrics from a wide selection of designers. Their fabrics range from tartan, to faux fur to something that wouldn't look at all out of place on Etsy. There's the calender fabric I instagrammed which I still have buyers remorse about and might pick up again to send to my mum (who can sew). And as an extra special treat - you can purchase fabrics from the talent at Clyde College! On top of the fabrics, there's all you would need to actually carry out the sewing from patterns to thread and needles. And whilst some grinches out there will detest the use of the 'c word' in September, the Christmas range is already available and stocks fabrics for those who like traditional Christmas attire to those of who want something a bit more modern and Pinterest friendly.  

sewing room remnant kings

But if you're still sitting there thinking "but I can't sew??!!?". Don't worry, neither can I. But this is where Remnant Kings are also thinking ahead and have launched a new sewing room with a range of sewing classes. You can can contact the individual stores about booking but the from the handy press release I was given the following classes are coming up in the Glasgow branch: 
  • Quilting Classes - 27th September for 6 weeks, 12:15pm - 2:15pm - £120
  • Halloween craft night on 4th October, 5:30pm - 7:30pm - free
  • Christmas craft on 8 November, 12-2pm - free
  • Kids sewing class, 3rd October for two weeks, 10-11:30am - £30
  • Dressmaking, 11th October for 6 weeks, 2:30pm-5:30pm - £120 
On the night we also received a demonstration on creating a winter coat from a pattern by one of the lovely (and hilarious) seamstresses who had made it across from the Remnant Kings Falkirk store. Whilst a winter coat was not fully created right in front of our eyes, we learnt about using a pattern, the importance of creating a mock up first on toile before cutting up your pretty fabric, the different kinds of scissors and adjusting your pattern to sit nicely on your body shape. The staff definitely know their stuff. 

Remnant kings clyde college
The textile design talent at Clyde College

Me personally? Whilst I doubt I'll ever find my calling as a seamstress I'm certainly feeling inspired. Back in March I cosplayed for the first time as Misty from Pokémon and was raring to go with other designs. When I visited my parents in the summer I sat down with my mum' sewing machine to work on costumes in advance, but ended up so frustrated trying to create a Charizard costume (which was admittedly a bit ambitious) I swore off cosplay and have been attending cons in casual clothes ever since. 

But after my evening at Remnant Kings I'm feeling more confident about getting my thread and needle out again. I was also given a goody bag with some new kit (pins, needles, some plain thread and some basic patterns for a tote bag and circle skirt) and I've also discovered the Remnant Kings Stitch and Share blog for ideas and inspiration. Happy Sewing! 

Thank you to Remnant Kings and Palompo PR for inviting me to their event. As always all opinions are my own and all pictures from the night are available on my Facebook page
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