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18 September 2015

The Linkables

What are everyone's plans for the weekend? After my trip to Yorkshire last weekend this weekend will be spent chilling (which I think is needed). I'll be eating out tonight at Chop Chop in Glasgow and will be spending the rest of it in bed with The Carrie Dairies re-energising myself. 

Geek & Pop Culture

I finished Game of Thrones this week. Whilst I'm not fangirling like the rest of the country there's still a part of me that is keen to learn about the whole world. Here's 12 things you didn't know about Game of Thrones

I haven't decided what my next TV binge is going to be, but the progressive Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on the very large list

Feminism & Equality

Despite a high level of knowledge about human sexuality and being a strong trans-ally I wasn't aware that hormone therapy causes trans folk to go through a second puberty. So I'm getting behind this kickstarter to produced educational -  but funny - videos on hormone replacement therapy,

In intersectional animal rights and feminist news an all female anti-poaching group has been awarded the UN's highest environmental prize.

 I love Charlotte Church.

I've always been slim but my stomach has always stuck out, and whilst I'm still learning to love it it makes me all kinds of happy that some women are loving it.

This week saw the launch of the Global Sex Work Law Map

There's quite a debate as to whether rough sex can be feminist. I'm of the opinion that any type of sex that is consensual is feminist. As does this writer (NSFW). 

Animals & Veganism

Nutritional Yeast is one of my store cupboard essentials, if you're thinking Nutri-what? here's the low-down

If you're a vegan heading to Toronto soon, this is for you


I've been getting into Snapchat recently (username: moadore) and I've been reading up the mistakes not to make.

If you're a London lover, here's some Instagram accounts you should be following

It's wayyyyy easier to make friends when you're still in education rather than as an adult. But here's some advice on making friends as a grown up

When having a break is the best and most positive thing you can do for your relationship

Which cosmetics ingredients are best for zapping away blackheads

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