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The Linkables

How has everyone's week been? I've had quite a quiet one but tonight I'll be out for a joint leaving-night at work, and my friend will be through from Dundee for a visit. I'll also be certain to get my nosed buried into The Sex Myth, the first book from one of my all time favourite feminist bloggers. 

Feminism & Equality

The BEST way to stand with Planned Parenthood (or any sexual health providers, including the NHS in the UK) is to actually use their services

I see myself in the stranger’s eyes, and I know he thinks he and I are the same. I am a young white woman with an expensive looking dress I bought at a thrift store last summer.  I have an EBT card, too, I imagine myself telling him, taking ownership of my identity. After all, what is there to be ashamed of? I wonder what it is, exactly, about receiving public assistance that humiliates me so deeply. I work hard, I want to tell him. I’m working two jobs this summer, and I’m starting college in the fall. Instead, I merely smile back at him and shrug. Moments later, I slip the cashier my EBT card, and the cashier looks surprised, then confused. Still, he swipes it without a word, and to my relief, it’s accepted. When I exit the store, I don’t let myself look back.

In the aftermath of Cecil the Lion, Delta Airlines changes its rules on transporting game trophies. Not sure why it wasn't done before, but high five for progress anyway! 

For that pen pal on the other side of the world: DIY map envelopes

I'm okay with strips clubs (in theory). I'm also okay with burlesque. But I know quite a few people who think strips clubs are seedy but would happily attend a burlesque show. This article is on point about why that sometimes is (and the comments are food for thought). 

Sex & Relationships

For anyone who has ever found it a hard pill to swallow when their ex looks really really happy

I discovered The Single Woman in the aftermath of a messy break-up, and her writing with a major part of my healing. Almost five years on I find myself nodding along to her What I've learned from my break-up post

How to respectfully compliment your partner's body, when they hate it. Also fantastic relationship advice in general. 

Pop Culture & Geek

I don't care what anyone else says I'm supporting this Draco Malfoy fan theory

I'm not normally one to publicly morn a famous death but the passing of Wes Craven touched me. The Scream films were listed within my favourites as a teenager, and I thought this YouTube compilation of 'Scream's from his films was a touching tribute. 

Like a lot of females my age, I learnt about diabetes from Stacey McGill of The Babysitter's Club. For young diabetics her character provided comfort. Including Stu, who doesn't fit the demographic of your classic reader...

If you're a Titanic geek, a menu from the day before the sinking is going to auction (for $50,000). 

Need to buy for my bookshelf: a horror story based in IKEA


A phone app for...foraging

The first day of school was a day to put in more effort to your outfit than the entire year, and make sure you had the snazziest pen. The Indie Chicks reminds us that there's still some first day rules to apply in adult life.  

In eco friendly news, and slightly morbid, I've been researching natural burials recently

Blogging has changed quite a bit over the last few years and Amber has some wise words on how it's not quite enough to be just be a good writer anymore

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