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The Linkables


I hope we've all had a good week, and are looking forward to the weekend. I'm heading down to Leeds tomorrow to visit one of my best friends from university for her birthday. I haven't been to Leeds since I took part in a charity hitchike in 2011 (see ugly 24-hour hitchiking photo here) and I'm yet to experience the nightlife so I'm looking forward to it ( but not looking forward to the journey back to Scotland with the hangover!). 

But enough about me and my impending hangover, links! 

Feminism & Equality

A gay Nigerian illustrates the gay-positive history of Africa, which has been lost since Christianity spread to the continent. 

If you're a guy looking for a body-positive role model, check out these seven fearless and awesome males

An article for anyone who believes sex changes 'are handed out': only five doctors in Scotland are qualified to help trans men and women

Whilst there may be are slightly more important issues in the world than school uniforms, I feel strongly that they shouldn't exist. Here are 4 lies about school dress codes that cover up their oppressive effects. Myth 3 is the reason my school didn't have a uniform. 

Travel & Global News

If you're glob trotting soon make sure you don't offend the locals. 22 things that might be offensive in another country

If you're dining out this weekend, here's five of the best veggie burgers in Glasgow

Not sure where to book your next holiday? Well, Berlin has been named the world's vegetarian capital

Geek & Pop Culture

If you're a tattoo lover who wants to show permanent love to more than one fandom, here's some awesome mash-ups.

Wes Craven was a feminist director. Discuss


If you're a blogger who works with brands you might have questioned what is appropriate blogger etiquette. Here are some guidelines

If there's one thing I wish I was better at it is being assertive. The fabulous Gala Darling dug up an article from her archives on this very thing

I think you can tell a lot about the suitability of a new romantic interest by the way they keep their apartment. And I'm not the only singleton who agrees.  

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