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The Linkables


In keeping with the first link last week being about a dog's birthday party, here is another post on a dog's birthday party.

I've never bought anything Korres, but if you're into natural beauty Sarah suggest you shouldn't buy it.

Cruelty-free online shopping guide

Lynne has another diary extract - this time it's on crushes!

We're an odd bunch bloggers but it's that oddness that makes us come together online

Switching to natural beauty products was one of the best things I did for my skin: 3 Reasons Why Using Natural Skincare Can Transform Your Skin.

I like keeping things upbeat on social media, but Sarah has a point.

New food blog discovery: Garden of Vegan

New creative/design blog: Waterfall Creative.

If you know a man who would wear superhero cuff links on his wedding day (or anywhere really) then please introduce us. 

Healthy home-made gummy bear recipe (still contains gelatin though, boo!).

Need to brush up on vocabulary? Kristin has started a vocab-building series on her blog.

I don't have any tattoos but found Gala's tattoo regret post interesting.

I need this bag in my life.

If you aren't quite as appreciative of the West as you should be then maybe Trial by Timeline will force you to count your blessings. 

If cats had Instagram

Did you know Sally Hensen wasn't an actual person

13 things gay men have in common. (This doesn't mock gay men, it mocks the people who mock gay men).

On that note, anti-gay MP accidentally votes in favour of marriage equality.

Life in your Early Twenties Vs your Late Twenties.

Veggie chilli mac. Nom nom nom. 

Something to send to mum's everywhere: the best 7 soups for getting over a cold.

An amazing post on escaping an arranged marriage.

I loved seeing Nubby's first ever design project. (I secretly miss the graphic style of 2004)

How about some carbon-neutral cheese. No? 

I spent too much time on the internet.

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