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Double Tree by Hilton Dunblane Hydro

Over the weekend I made a small trip to Dunblane for a nights stay at the Double Tree by Hilton Dunblane Hydro as part of the #rediscoverhilton campaign. My good pal Gillian was one of the bloggers invited to the hotel and she kindly asks if I would be her plus one. How could I say no? 

I got the train along to Dunblane (which involved a stop off in Stirling) and played tourist while waiting for Gillian to make it across from Edinburgh. Dunblane felt really 'Scottish' - for a lack of better term - and had a really cosy small town feel. I am a city girl through and through but I did grow up in a village (albeit 3 miles away from a city) so do enjoy moments where I can breath non-polluted air.

After Gillian arrived we began our journey to the Hilton which we found easily after a 10 minute walk. But there was quite the hill to get up which made me really wish I could afford a car, but the views were so beautiful that we sort of didn't completely mind.

The interior was just as beautiful with a deep purple and dark wood decor running throughout the hotel. Our room was a Junior Suite (if I remember correctly) which had a separate living area as well as the bedroom and en-suite. The room also came with complimentary wine, bottled water and chocolates. And a mini-bar but that wasn't free (thankfully there was no Morgan's otherwise I would have struggled to refuse). I know I travel a lot but I've not stayed in many posh hotels (my parents usually favour self-catering when abroad) so this felt surreal and I remember saying to Gillian 'I don't feel posh enough to be here'.

The Events Manager had kindly put on a cocktails master class which we headed down to early evening along with some fellow bloggers and their partners. We were shown how to make some classic cocktails Hilton style! I love cocktails but I especially love them when the bar staff make them properly instead of just pouring the drinks into the glass - you can tell the difference when drinking it if they decided to shake or stir it. Some other bloggers even attempted to make some themselves but I just sat and enjoyed the cocktails coming my way.

We headed through for our dinner in The Kailyard Restaurant. The menu was fairly extensive but I had to request the 'dedicated vegetarian menu' (what?). The food I ordered was still absolutely devine however with a starter of pepper crusted goats cheese, a main of gnocchi and a dessert of olive oil and polenta cake, citrus salad and pistachio ice cream (apparently not a lot of people order the cake because olive oil puts them off - I can confirm it tastes nothing like olive oil and is absolutely delicious). We also ordered a cheeky bottle of pinot grigio which came in a standing ice bucket and the waiter even poured it for us. Glamour!

After dinner we headed through to the bar to have a catch up and some strawberry daiquiris with Ayden and Charlene. We were pretty knackered after our big meal however and headed up to bed but not until we cracked open the bottle of the red wine supplied with the room and managed to restrain ourselves from digging into the mini-bar.

The next morning it was time for breakfast. I love breakfast food and providing a full all-you-can-eat continental is one way to my heart. I had several croissants and was excited to spot sachets of Marmite beside the toast (it's the simple things, isn't it?). The hot breakfast was again not the most veggie friendly I've ever seen but they did have potato scones which is one of my fav breakfast foods ever and they were damn good potato scones so that kept me quiet.

By 12pm it was time to stubbornly hand over our keys. Me and Gillian didn't check train times and this being a Sunday and a village we had to wait ages for the next train whilst nothing but the Tesco was open. By this point I was ready to head back to city life.

I had a lovely time and I really needed a weekend away. Admittedly I won't be paying to stay at a Hilton on my paycheck anytime soon but if you can stretch to it I would highly recommend it. The room was amazing and comfortable, the staff were highly professional and well-trained, the food was delicious and the cocktails were right up my street. My only suggestion would be adding the veggie options to the main menu so I won't have to feel so awkward being a non-meat eater.

I took loads of photos but didn't want to make this post too image heavy but I've uploaded all of them to my Facebook page.

Also, I am a numpty who forgot to take photos of the whole bedroom/bathroom/living area/hotel hallway and instead opted for just the details. Gillian wasn't quite as silly and her post has loads of images on what the place looked like as a whole.

Morag x

Gillian of was invited along to the hotel for free and was allowed to take a guest, also for free. The only parts of the stay we paid for were our evening cocktails.
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