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My forever Lush re-purchases

lush favourites forever repurchases

As we all know I'm a massively Lushie and can't name one other beauty brand I love to support with my pennies more so than Lush. I love experimenting with their products and whilst I have many of what's on offer (and still have a long list of products I want to try) there's three products that I love to return to and have re-purchased several times.

Henna Hair Dye in Caca Rouge
After some time apart experimenting with 'regular' bottle hair dyes me and my long term make-my-brunette-hair-look-auburn buddy was back after I hit a road block finding vegan hair dye on the high street. Henna is messy, takes forever to prepare and can feel as though you have mud sitting in your hair for an hour however it's always provided a natural looking colour for me without damaging my hair. It isn't for everyone and you do need to be pretty committed to the fake hair colour cause but I still can't recommend it highly enough.

Herbalism cleanser
Rubbing a green cleanser into your skin doesn't sound like the world's greatest selling point but as I've said before this is my favourite cleanser of all time (and I've tried a lot) for my not particularly oily to touch but still prone to break outs skin.

Cupcake mask
I've mentioned this several times before - but Herbalism only does so much for me and its only when it's teamed up with Cupcake that I see such a dramatic difference to my skin (when I first teamed them together you would have no idea I had acne as a teenager). I've been having a break-out recently (thank you cheap Superdrug toner!) and as much as I love experimenting with new skin care I knew I had to slip back on these old favourites in order to clear everything up.

What are you favourite Lush products that you're always re-purchasing? 

Morag x
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