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Rawr, paleontology!

etsy vampirebunnies dinosaur dress

dinosaur dress sitting down

dinosaur dress primark jacket

dinosaur dress

dinosaur dress primark shoes

Jacket: Primark
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Primark

This dinosaur dress may be one of the most expensive items I've ever purchased (it was £45) but I maintained my usual rule when regarding expensive or really flamboyant items: step away, leave it for a week and if I'm still thinking about it go ahead and purchase. I was still thinking about it once my next pay came in (and in fairness, I had hit up Etsy with the intention of finding a dinosaur print dress) and decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I'm really glad - the dress is of an extremely high quality and has a stretchy back so it fits really well, plus I received several compliments when I went out that night (insert plug to my pals DJ night which you should all come to Dundee for). The shop I bought it from, Vampire Bunnies, has loads of lovely dresses for those of us who like our clothing to have a pop culture or geeky twist. 

The rest of the outfit is all brand new staple pieces I bought recently from the not as exciting Primark. I already own a black faux leather jacket but this one is a bit more slouchy and casual, perfect for trips to rock clubs. Teamed with a plain black bag as I can't claim to be much of  bag person - only buying new ones when my current selection is worse for wear or none of mine match an upcoming outfit. And we can clearly see that I'm getting in on the wedged heel trend. 

I've found this dress also works quite well for casual places and I didn't get weird looks wondering about in it the next morning when wearing a pair of flats before I headed back on the train to Glasgow. 

Morag x
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