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Paul Mitchell, extra-body trio kit

Paul Mitchell extra-body kit

Paul Mitchell is a brand that is renowned for being cruelty-free and having plenty of vegan options within their range. But it's also known for being expensive and of salon quality, so it's only now that I'm getting around to buying some of their range after seeing them on

Since volume is the kind of thing I'm always looking for (not that I have limp hair, I just think I suit a bit more volume than I naturally have) I decided to make my first purchase the Paul Mitchell extra-body trio kit. I have been the using the shampoo as my second shampoo now and then (I do a double shampoo each day, first shampoo is usually a cleansing one then the second is something that adds body or moisture but I always mix it up) mainly when my hair is looking normal and isn't needing any particular treatments such as repairing or extra cleansing. I also use the root booster each morning (I did use it alongside a Superdrug mousse, but found it worked better by itself). I only occasionally use the hair spray when required.

From using the shampoo and root booster daily I have three main points:
1. My hair did have a bit more bounce to it - not Hollywood bounce but there was a difference in volume to my hair
2. My tresses felt much healthier - I don't have unhealthy hair per se but my hair seemed to have more life to it and was in general better condition.
3. I mentioned it above but the root booster worked better when used alone and not with any other styling products.

As for the hairspray, it's medium hold and is good for holding softer styles in place - such as waves or a ponytail. I wouldn't recommend it for something such as a quiff or a fishtail braid. It smells just like the hairspray you get in salons and I'm guilty of using it a perfume rather than a hairspray haha.

I've currently finished the shampoo and close to finishing the root booster, and out of these products it's the shampoo I would seriously consider re-purchasing. I do like the root booster but it's one of those products I can live without whilst on a graduate budget (if I was rich I'd re-purchase!). I'm still a long way from finishing the hairspray so not sure how I feel about re-purchasing it right now.

Morag x
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