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La Vita Spuntini, Byres Road

la vita spitini food

la vita sputini

la vita sputini pasta

La vita sputini window

Food on the table: Mozzarella Sticks // Pizzette Focaccia // Patate Arrosto // 
Lobster Ravioli // Pane di Aglio

It's not that often I venture into the West End, and only tend to find myself there if I have an actual reason to be. However one of my old work mates now works just off Byres Road and has become fairly accustomed to the area and invited me out last Saturday to hunt out a new Italian. We decided to stop by La Vita Spuntini on Byres Road.

It's part of the La Vita restaurant group which has four restaurants across Glasgow and is mid-range Italian, but this one is more of a tapas style and encourages eaters to get more than one dish at a time (which you can see from the photos we did).

What did draw me in from the street was the very long vegetarian selection, which also included a few vegan-looking dishes. A lot of the vegan bits were technically in the starters menu but as this is tapas style it doesn't matter if you want to order three starters for the table along with a main. My friend is a meat-eater and the orange dish you see in the middle is lobster ravioli which she eventually settled on after considering the four pages of food (a steak was almost the chosen dish!).

It took us ages to settle on our dishes but we were glad we didn't get any more as everything was very rich and were stuffed by the end of it (I hate food waste so I was trying to get down every last bit). We headed to the Hillhead Book Club afterwards and I was almost sleeping over my (very lovely) cocktail.

Morag x
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