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The Linkables

David Cameron re-arranged his cabinet this week and gave the guy behind the badger cull the boot, send Greenpeace's e-mail to the incoming Environment Secretary to tell her to do better.

A recipe for an vegan omelette.

The Flying Duck's Vegan Fete is returning this August.

Former page 3 model joins the No Page 3 campaign.

Fashion photography clichés

A beginner guide to foraging.

Thirty Something Vegan is the new blog from one of my fav Twitter ladies.

Blink 182 have confirmed a new album.

10 DIY travel projects

Vegans of Colours is a great inter-sectional blog.

8 adult actors who only ever seem to play teenagers.

There was a study by Ofgem this week which showed renters did not know they can switch energy supplier (you can).

Because I'm quickly becoming a gardening's an urban gardening magazine I found this week.

We Made This Home is a lifestyle blog which contains a lot of gardening stuff (see above point).

American and Canadian readers...a brand available where you are just got Leaping Bunny approved.

9 of the greatest cats in literature.

7 social media tricks you might not know.

In case I have any Dungeons & Dragons fans amongst my readers (I'm not holding my breath) here's some critique of gender issues.

Free People is an online clothes shop I found this week which has somepreettyysweeestuffff.

I'm making my way through Orange is the New Black and truthfully I'm not seeing the fuss but I am loving some of the memoirs from the people the characters are based on: here's one from the real-life Alex and one from the real-life Larry.

I love guide dogs, and love that one was featured in a high school year book along with its owner.

I loved this piece on one women's story on giving her child her surname even though she was married to the father. The point I love: there's nothing wrong with giving a child the father's surname but at least sit down and talk about surnames and don't make it the default option.

Approved Foods is a website for those of you who want to get thrifty with their grocery shopping.

653 typography resources.

Amanda Genther talks about five podcasts she's loving right now.

22 brutally honest landing page critiques.

And finally, your smart phone addiction is holding up your food order.

Morag x
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