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Christmas gift guide: your parents (or grandparents, and other grown-ups)

When people ask me in a frenzied state if I have all my Christmas shopping done, I almost feel bad saying yes. You see I'm a single, only child with no living grandparents and friends who only switch birthday my parents are the only people who are consistently on my list. 

Saying that, I think we're all in agreement that parents are the worst to buy for. You firstly have the pressure of getting them something great to make up for all the generous presents they bought you over the years (and everything else they paid for!). Then there's the added pressure of getting them something they don't already own. I mean, my parents have been around since the 1950s and I'm not entirely sure if there's any material goods they haven't purchase themselves over the years (the temptation get them something gimmicky is high). 

Whether you parents are the only people you buy for, or they're just two of twenty, then here's my guide to what you could get them (or any other older relative that you might buy for). 

Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine. Kitchen gadgets are always a great fail-safe for parents, especially when they're kitchen gadgets that they probably don't already have (but would be nice to have!). I also like the Master Pan, and the SMART Breakfast

Lapdesk. If your parents are anything like mine (or fit the stereotype of parents) they love to show off how good they are with technology *cough* and own every gadget ever (even if they struggle to work them). Give them a helping hand with a lapdesk so they can browse "The Facebook" while watching Corrie. 

Autoseal Travel Mug. Erm, it's practical? My parents love travel and anything travel related always ends up on my short list. 

Robot Mop. Just look at this gif!

This will totally make up for all the chores you didn't do as a kid. (Firebox)

A bottle of their favourite tipple. Whenever I get really stuck for ideas with my parents, it's a bottle of high-end single malt whiskey for my dad and gin for my mum. 

High-end candles. Stay out of the Yankee Candles shop. There's a range of luxury candles you can pick up for your parents, and my top pick is The Isle of Skye Candle Company

A boxset. Your parents grew up during a time when DVDs didn't exist and they had to tape everything off the TV (my mum will groan at me for saying that). But technology has caught up and their favourite films as a teenager have now been digital re-mastered.  

Gillian Kyle anything. The epitome of  mum/dad/gran friendly (if they're Scottish).

Family Crest and Surname History. If your parents are proud of their family ancestry, this is the perfect thing to get them. From: Getting Personal

The gift of experience. Whenever you're buying for someone who seems to have everything, look at  an experience. Helicopter rides, skiing lessons, or tickets to an upcoming show. There's a wide range from Getting Personal, but there's a lot of these on the market. 

Donate to a charity in their name. Gifts in Action have a large collection, but almost all big charities have a Christmas gift option.

Because I know not everyone's mum wants perfume for Christmas, and not everyone's dad wants gardening shears, I'm going to plug my wishlists based on personality types from previous years. Gift sets from small, cruelty-free brands, online shopping for ethical Christmas presents, gift guide for a Scottish fashionista,  Stocking fillers for a kitschy gardener, gifts for the well-groomed cruelty-free male, stocking fillers for a foodie who loves a drink,  AND (my favourite!) stocking fillers for redheads and gingers. Happy shopping!

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