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7 December 2013

Stocking fillers for a kitschy gardener

As you may now, I've been attempting to the be the grower of my own fruits and vegetables for, erm, quite some time now. But the truth is kids, gardening is an expensive hobby and whilst I have collected bits and bobs for my balcony garden over the past year - compost, seeds, one of those big fork things - I still don't have enough to fully turn my back on the the Tesco fresh veg isle.

So if you also have a gardener in your life, consider saving their purse some weight loss and get them something garden related. And because I'm a magpie this will be gardening furniture that can be doubled as an ornament.

1. Seed markers - The Thoughtful Gardener
2. Green Wooden Garden Tidy - dotcomgiftshop
3. Potting Shed Tea Mug - dotcomgiftshop
4. 2014 Calendar With Seeds - Seedlings
5. Sage Green Compost Bin - Freshly Forked
6. A monthly seed subscription - London Herb Garden
7. Grow your own Christmas dinner - The Urban Farmer
8. Brightly coloured twine - Pinks and Greens
9. A personalised swing - Oak and Rope Company
10. Food maker for your plants - Ellen Mary Gardening
11. Garden Twine Dispenser - Boots

Happy gardening!


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