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2013 highlights

Admittedly 2013 had been a mellow year for me. It was my first year where I was in full-time employment from start to finish, which didn't leave for much time for much else - but I thought I'd put together a few pictures that show some highlights of my year. 

Made my first Bonnie Bling purchase
Which barely goes with anything but I proudly display it in my room.

Met Lauren Goodger
I didn't know who she was but I still like to impress Towie fans with this haha

Stayed here for free
It was nice.

Did this for Halloween
And turned 23 a week later.

Watched far too much of this 
And I'm still not finished.

Met an online friend in real life 
And she was a babe ;)

Made use of Glasgow's (and partially Edinburgh's) music scene
And seen some of my favourites live. 

Got my forward helix pierced
About two days ago

Hope you all had a lovely 2013 and are looking forward to 2014.

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