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21 December 2013

My veggie Christmas menu (and what almost made my menu)

It feels like last week I was blogging about my menu for my first ever vegetarian Christmas and now I'm here pattering on about my third plant-based Christmas. How time flies!

I'll be honest: I've never been a big Christmas food fanatic. Even when I ate meat I was always nagging at my mum to do something more interesting or just even make some stuffing that involved some fancy cheese (I think one year I petitioned for a lobster instead of a turkey). And even though Christmas can be difficult to navigate as a vegetarian I love being left to my own devices instead of eating what is put in front of me.

So what have I narrowed it down to this year?

For starters

Butternut squash, chilli and crème fraiche soup

For main

Glazed lentil walnut and apple loaf

I would love to cook more but I am doing my commute from Glasgow to my parents' abode in Aberdeenshire on Christmas Eve so will only have the morning to prepare (though I am getting my parents' kitchen to myself whilst my uncle deals with the turkey).

But if I did have the time this is what would have also happened:

Christmas Quiche

Whole roasted cauliflower with cheddar and spring onion sauce

Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls with Cranberry-Pear Sauce

Is your menu set? What are you eating, vegetarian or otherwise? 

All my Christmas vegetarian love!



  1. This all looks amazing. That butternut squash soup recipe is one of my favourites at any time of year -- so yummy!

    We're hoping to do a parsnip, cranberry & chestnut loaf for the vegetarian main this year. Might have to steal this idea for a blog post and share the results.

    Hope you have a very merry Christmas x

  2. Ooft that soup looks amazing! I'm a pescetarian and so always have salmon on Christmas day, and the usual roast taters and yorkshire puddings and veggies! I love it! :)

    Amber x


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