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Gifts for the well-groomed, cruelty-free male

Right now, the only man in my life I buy a Christmas present for is my dad. Whilst I do have several male friends that I purchase birthday gifts for throughout the year, we're all in that age range where we don't tend to buy each other stuff in December. So basically this blog post is "What Morag would buy her imaginary boyfriend for Christmas" - my imaginary, well groomed, cruelty-free advocating boyfriend. A girl can dream.

Whilst most cruelty-free beauty blogs are of the female persuasion, there are several brands that cater to the male grooming market.

The Body Shop
The Body Shop would be the obvious choice for cruelty-free mens products. Admittedly this wouldn't be something I would buy as I had a sniff of the range in town this week and they all had a typical aftershavey smell, which is just not something I want any of the men in my life smelling like.

Out of the pile of gift boxes available at Lush there is the Dirty which is aimed directly at men. And then there is Shiny Happy People which may not be directly aimed at men but I have known a guy who appreciated this box when his mum gave it to him.

This is what my dad currently uses, what I use on my legs and my mum has a few bottles of the shave gel to give out at Christmas. My dad has very sensitive skin and he uses the shave gel and exfoliater with no problem, though it is an expensive range. They also have an aftershave called Sky which smells delicious.

If you know a man who has grown a beard as a fashion statement (as opposed to not being bothered) then beard shampoo or beard oil might be up their street. And if you know a guy with no beard then this brand also sells traditional shaving cream.

I did purchase the shave gel a few years ago for a male friend's birthday and it went down well. I would have bought more, such as an eye cream and exfloiator, but he doesn't do anything bar shave so I knew it would be a waste of money.

Burt Bees
Moving onto something for a man that really loves natural skincare, but doesn't mind smelling like honey (I've never bought any Burt's Bees myself as the idea of honey products puts me off for some reason).

Neals Yard
Another brand for a male who might want to go down the natural and organic route. Neal's Yard have a wide selection of products for males including eye gel and a hair treatment.

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