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9 December 2013

Mop lemongrass shampoo and conditioner

If you're looking for a new cruelty-free hair care brand to try, then Mop Hair may be one you haven't heard of. I only knew about this brand because I had spotted their products in John Lewis and something about the branding drew me in (doesn't the bottle just say 'clean' and 'refreshed'?) and after some animal rights research I discovered it was a cruelty-free brand that carries a few vegan products.

There were a few products that caught my eye but given how stubborn my hair can be I'm usually cautious when dipping my toes into a new brand, and usually stick to one or two products.

Both of these products were of a very light consistency given how they are meant to volumise the hair, and both of them have a lovely clean smell. My hair does have slightly more bounce than usual but I wouldn't say it has taken on new heights of volumity (and I may have just made that word up). I honestly prefer a much thicker conditioner as due to my hair's lengths I need a strong conditioner for the ends (given that it may easily be five years old) and I have to use a fair bit of this in one go to get my desired result.

I do hate leaving a review on this note as I like to have a firm 'yes' or 'no' opinion, but this is going to get swished with the 'okay' brush. I would possibly consider buying the shampoo again but the conditioner just wasn't thick enough for my tastes but it's not the sort of product I would warn people away from as I can imagine it working for some other hair types.


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