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10 December 2013

Gift guide for a Scottish fashionista

Bonnie Bling
A personal favourite - my Ecosse necklace may not go with much but it's still one of my favourite pieces. If having Scottish slang hanging from their neck isn't in your receivers lookbook they also sell flowers, other random slang and a certain Glasgow statue with a cone on its head.

Obscure Couture
With gothic leanings and Wonderland-esque lines this is for the more flamboyant fashionista. But if you're gal is brave enough to head out in a see-through skirt than this here is the brand for her. Their site is still in construction but you can still buy their tremendous pieces from ASOS marketplace.

Hayley Scanlan
Waving the Dundee fashion flag high is Hayley Scanlan who offers a small but wearable collection including studded and PVC numbers, but also stripy off the shoulder pieces.

Karen Mobon
If your receiver has a bit of a scarf fetish then this is the designer you should wish to get pally with.

Common People
Something for the other 50% of the population, this Edinburgh based brand combines mens clothing with short sleeved shirts, knitwear and hipster tendencies.

Other honourable mentions: Abandon Ship Apparel // Saunt & Sinner // DIY Nails // Lucky Edge Decks // Catherine Aitken // Rebecca Torres // Bebaroque // Deetz // Henrietta Ludgate 


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