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2 December 2013

Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer

Hourglass are a make-up brand I had been meaning to try for a long time. For me they seem to close up a gap in the market for cruelty-free cosmetics that still give off an air of luxury. I know we have Butter London, Too Faced and Illasmasqua for 'high-end' make-up but they still conjure up words such as 'fun' and 'young' - hourglass has a sleek brand about them that seems sparse in the cruelty-free market.

And I have to say I am impressed by my first purchase. I kept it fairly safe with a concealer and was concerned I wouldn't find a shade for me out of the six on offer. Thankfully the lightest shade 'fair' suited me perfectly (as a guide I usually do come one or two shades in - I'm not super pale) and even though I found it quite pigmented it blended in with my skin really well.

The concealer itself has a very creamy consistency however only a little bit is needed each time. Which is lucky, given that my picture shows it rolled right the way up. It only takes about two thin layers of the stuff to hide my spots and any other red patches around my face. As for longevity, my skin is quite oily so the concealer on my spots will begin to slide after a few hours, however I've found that the concealer that had been applied to my eye area would still be on when washing my face at night (about 10pm, and my make-up gets done at roughly 8am).

My first purchase from Hourglass has certainly been impressive and I am really excited to try more products from their range.



  1. did it crease under your eyes? Have a hard time finding a concealer that won't crease! x

    1. I've never suffered badly from getting creases under my eyes, but I do sometimes get creases on my eyelids but I find a good primer fixes that with most concealers!

  2. Great product!

    Victoria ♥


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