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Drop Dead Vegan Burger at The Harley, Sheffield

Sheffield is honestly somewhere I've not ever paid much attention to. Growing up I knew it as the place The Full Monty had been filmed, and where the Harris/Nelson family on Coronation Street had original hailed from (my mid-00s pop culture knowledge is just that good). Aside from that, it has never been on my radar. 

The only reason I recently took a trip to Sheffield is because one of my best friends moved there to study for her Masters. Naturally I Googled local vegan-friendly restaurants, because that's exactly the kind of fun thing I do. And I was pleasantly surprised. It's not somewhere that gets hailed as a vegan mecca in online circles, so you can imagine my excitement when I ended up having one of the best vegan burgers of my life while in the city. 

The vegan burger I am referring to is Drop Dead Twisted BBQ Burger at The Harley. Not just a small patty that some restaurants 'create' to tick some box that allows them to claim they are vegan friendly. Nope, this burger puts out the stops. It boasts a double patty, vegan cheese slices, BBQ jackfruit and BBQ sauce. It was one of the most extravagant burgers I've ever had - and let's be honest, extravagant burgers aren't hard to come by, but extravagant vegan burgers are.

The patties are supplied by the local Twisted Burger Company. I'll be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the burger is made from (that is the one fault of the service - people need to know this for allergens or preferences) but the burger is a mock meat. You might already be aware but I usually prefer burgers that are clearly made up from vegetables (mushrooms are my personal favourite) so for me to stand here (or type here?) and say this is one of the best burgers I've had is a bit of an accolade. 

The venue itself is definitely of the indie rock persuasion (got to love a 10 Things I Hate About You quote) and not for the conservative. Their website states that the staff personally create the playlist to suit the venue and the particular even that is taking place. The bar was also very well-stocked with a wide range of spirits to choose from - as well as a modest cocktail menu! 

If you're ever in Sheffield (or perhaps you live there already) I would definitely recommend a trip to The Harley. It's located at 334 Glossop Road, but the Twist Burger Company also sells their food in The Yard (Ilkley), Vintage Bar (Doncaster) and various music festivals around the UK. 

The Harley

Twisted Burger Company

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