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Khadi Pure Henna Red Hair Colour

Khadi red hair dye

I've been dying my hair auburn for three years now. Despite this I have tried maybe only three brands of hair - that is Lush, Superdrug and Henné Color. Recently, natural henna hair dye brand Khadi* got in contact with me asking me if I wanted to try one of their colours. Jumping at the chance to try a new brand (I still haven't found a brand I love) I was immediately smitten with this brand. 

Khadi Natural is a henna hair dye range which contains no chemical additives, preservative or dyes. Inside the box the henna henna dye which is already in powder form, a plastic shower cap, plastic gloves and the very detailed instructions. Upon receiving the box the inclusion of the plastic shower cap and gloves gave the brand their first up-vote from me as they're the first henna brand I've come across to do so. 

As mentioned the instructions were very detailed, resulting in much better application. This is the first time I've been instructed to apply the henna onto wet hair and I found that the paste moved around my hair much easier, resulting in a more even coverage. The instructions also mention what kind of temperature of water you should be using at different stages.

L: Before, R: After

As with all henna, the minimum time the dye needs to be on is half an hour, and can be left on until two hours later depending on how bright you want the colour to be. I personally left mine on for an hour and a half, which resulted in a very natural auburn shade. As you can see from the photos, my hair doesn't look that different - this dye just simply helped me re-do my roots and create a natural looking auburn shade. The before picture has a bit more ginger in it due to the Superdrug hair dye from last year still being present (it's what gives my hair a slight ombre look) and the dye helped darken that out. My hair is naturally medium brown so if you're blonde it might come out darker. The final colour was very similar to the colour I get when I use the Lush Henna Dye (the Henné Color was the brightest). 

I may have not tried that many brands, but Khadi has been my favourite thus far. The end result was a natural shade of auburn which is obviously fake and the box came with everything I needed to do a at end hair pamper night. I would recommend this if your natural hair colour is medium brown and you could like a natural auburn shade. 

Ingredients: Lawsonia Inermis (Henna)

I would recommend this for you if: you want a natural look or are new to henna hair dye and feel more confident with a brand that comes with detailed instructions. 

I wouldn't recommend this for you if: you want a very bright red (maybe if you're blonde is might be bright, but my results were auburn). 
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