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29 August 2015

Cats in the Necropolis

cat skirt glasgow necropolis

It's the age old question: cats or dogs? Truthfully I am more of a dog person. I grew up with a dog who was there from my first day at home right through until just before my 13th birthday. And it's on my bucket list to become a dog mum again. Butttttt, like most of the internet I agree that cats make funnier memes and fashion accessories. Like a cat bag, or a skirt covered in cat faces...

The cat skirt was from the store Rad Rocket on Etsy, which sells a range of dresses and skirts with bold patterns. Honestly, when I first seen it I actually thought it was kinda ugly but I also really really wanted to buy it. It ended up hanging out on my wishlist for months and then on my latest payday it made the cut for things my wardrobe definitely needed. It's an American shop and shipping can be a major factor in deciding to get lovely products shipped from abroad but because the skirt was already such good value (coming out at £10 when converted) I was more than happy to pay those pesky shipping costs. 

glasgow necropolis

Because the skirt is eye-catching and bold I kept the rest of my outfit uncharacteristically monochrome. The rest of my outfit are staples I've collected over the years from high store favourites, but the Vans are the classics that go with almost everything. And much better than smart shoes for a day where you know you'll be showing your mum around Glasgow. 

These photos were taken in the Glasgow Necropolis, which is possibly one of the weirdest places to find myself taking outfit photos. It has never even been on my to-go lists since I moved here! My mum however was visiting last weekend and it was somewhere she wanted to check out so I happily had a bit of a trip out to the east side of the city.

Whilst graveyards aren't quite my thing (it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that my request is a natural burial) I did find colourful sites which have been well maintained. Such as this one with a fabulous pink gate:

Glasgow necropolis pink gate

And this blue circular design:

Glasgow necropolis blue gate

What's your opinion in the cats versus dogs debate? Have you ever stopped by the Glasgow Necropolis, for outfit photos or otherwise?  


  1. Looove that skirt, I'm pretty obsessed with anything cat print. I'm more of a cat person generally speaking (I couldn't have a dog right now anyway because I work full time) but I've never understood the whole cats vs dogs mentality - I'm all for any cuddly furry creature whether they bark or meow.

  2. Such a cute skirt! I love the little lace detail too. Also - I'm a total cat person. I love dogs, especially if they're in the mood for a cuddle, but cats are just infinitely more fascinating to me.

    Lauren x

  3. I was a cat, not dog, person before I got cats of my own (it's something I'm just about to write about actually) but - although I definitely still prefer cats - being a pet owner at all has made me love animals in general that bit more. It's weird!

    I once climbed to the top of the Necropolis in the snow with an American friend visiting the city and flashed my tits. I don't know if that's a thing people do, but it seemed like a good idea at the time..?

    Lis / last year's girl

  4. WOW. i am in love with those pink railings!!! :) The skirt is super cute!! Sx


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