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31 August 2015

Update to my cruelty-free brands list

It's been a while since I've posted an update to my cruelty-free brands list. It's not that I haven't been sending e-mails as normal, it's more that the tumbleweed that appears after sending my e-mail has been slightly more depressing as of late . I've always wanted to keep my blog fairly upbeat and I'd much rather provide you guys a list of brands you can buy from rather than a big list of no-go brands.

So I left this one in my drafts for a bit until I pulled together of a list of fun brands for you to purchase from. Below I have five cruelty-free brands for you to spend your money on (and 10 that you probably shouldn't).

Josie Maran
PHB Beauty
Dr Bronner
Tata Harper
Delilah Cosmetics

Grey Area: 
Fairypants Cosmetics
Gabriel Cosmetics 
Iconic Cosmetics
Just Pure Minerals
Wild About Beauty 
Refresh Skincare
PHB Beauty

As usual a lot of brands end up on my grey area list because I received no reply, but Just Pure Minerals did reply with a very odd-response and I'll leave everyone to decide how they feel about it: 

"Just Pure Minerals does not test on animals, and out ingredient suppliers also do not test on animals.  We are not owned by any other company.  We don't have any customers in mainland China, although I can't say that's because we've refused based on our affectionate feelings for animals. We just haven't had any customers from China yet. If we took a stance on this, it would go 100% unnoticed by anyone in mainland China. ;-)

I actually looked into Leaping Bunny and started the process- I need to put that back on my to-do list to finish it up. Thanks for the reminder!"

Do you have any further information on the brands I've mentioned? Are they're any brands you want me to add to my list? 

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