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The Linkables


As mentioned last Friday, Sunday was the day of the #ScotBlogMeet which was hosted by the lovely Charlotte and it went amazingly and I am so proud of her. It was a great day and I had the chance to catch up with so many blogger pals. Also excitingly this weeks the wheels have been started on a potential trip next year down to the south of England to meet - for the first time - some of my English and Welsh blogger babes. 

This weekend I'll be heading to the Vegan Festival in Edinburgh, anyone else heading through? 

(Also this week: dorking about how all my links this week fit neatly into their own categories). 

Life & Style

For the shopping list: swimsuits with sleeves

I'm not quite at the age where I'm being invited to weddings left right and centre, but if you are don't feel financially obliged to attend them all

Good for entertaining: how to pair ice-cream with wine.

Don't let the love fade in summer: 10 summer date ideas for your and your cutie.

So the sun's been a bit shy this year, but here's some cruelty-free sun protection anyway.

Tea lovers: hot water turns stressful teabags into calm ones.

Feminism & Equality

I'm always behind on films because I hate sitting in cinemas but as a feminist I should consider popping along to the opening weekend of films with female leads.  

I'm a former waitress and the question of can you be a feminist and a waitress never really occurred to me.

I'm still a little bit behind on Orange is the New Black but here's an article that explores women - especially incarcerated women - and religion.

The best sex article I've read in ages: talking about people who aren't getting laid
"I want to go to the future where people can have lots of sex if they want to, lots of sexual partners, where they can go through a drought and not worry about being a loser, where they can be asexual and not worry about being soulless."

Places, Out & About

I can't quite say Detroit has ever been on my to-visit list but then again Brooklyn wasn't on it until recently

Sarah Jessica Parker is selling her Manhattan Townhouse. It's predictably lovely

Dundee now has a dedicated wine bar and another restaurant in the city will be hosting an American style silent reading party.

If you're in London but truthfully a bit of a country bumpkin, you should consider heading to these secret gardens.

Calm, Serenity and Personal Development

My latest favourite ASMR video: crinkly ear massage

P.S. Some of my own posts you might have missed: Wellness and staying on top of it all and the anti-diet: motivation for a healthy lifestyle
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