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Wellness and staying on top of it all

health and wellness scottish blogger

In my first post of the year I mentioned that I wanted to make wellness a much bigger part of life. If you read some of my earliest blog posts you'll see a theme for wellness and personal development. However I started my blog not long after a difficult time for myself and I required all the inspirational quotes I could find on Tumblr. My life now is a startled improvement (but I am currently going though a lot of changes) but keeping your wellness in check is always important

However, before I go through my personal tips and experience for keeping my mind balanced I do feel it is necessary to add a disclaimer, as I do have a bone to pick with a lot of wellness bloggers. These tips are aimed at the average mentally healthy person, such as my self, who has no mental health problems. If you feel as if may have depression, anxiety or some other medical condition, please go see your doctor for professional treatment. Eating well, exercising and not smoking helps ward off physical problems but if you found a lump or a rash that doesn't go away with a glass you'd go see your doctor. The same goes for your mental health. 

Treat yourself, even if it is just you
I was introduced to the idea of 'dating yourself' years ago and have been a fan ever since. The concept is this: treat yourself the same way you would a romantic partner, or if you have a date coming round that night. Wear nice underwear daily, keep your room clean, and buy those flamboyant curtains because even though maybe no one else will see these things (if you're single) you still have to see them every damn day. I fell out of this when my disposal income dropped after graduation (that council tax exemption for students is a dream) and I didn't want to spend money on things people didn't see but my self-esteem dropped, now that I make an effort with these things again my self-esteem is back up. 

Accept that you can't do it all
I'm someone who is interested by everything and have more hobbies than I speak about on this blog, but it can get overwhelming and I have to accept I can't fit everything in. I even had friends intervene a few years ago when I was wearing myself out. I bought myself a Filofax at the start of the year and I have started prioritising my hobbies. And when I do find myself getting carried away with something I know I can't fit in I take a step back (sometimes literally) and remind myself that I can't fit it in (and that's okay). 

Balance alone time and social contact
Even the most extroverted of us need alone time and even the most introverted of us need social contact. But what the balance is for you will be personal so draw your boundaries and tell everyone to stuff themselves (but don't be the person who goes in a mood when folk don't want to hang or the person who turns down a pals birthday to watch Netflix).

Organise yourself
I find it hard to think clearly if things aren't written down (I'm a Gen Y kid who prefers a pen and paper organiser) and rely on my Filofax for all sorts of reminders. I'll be doing a blog post on this at some point but I'll just, for now, tell that being organised can free your mind!

Get yourself some playlists
Fact 1: I have several situation based playlists. Fact 2: one of these playlists is called 'Go Get 'Em' for times when I need to be encouraged to grab life by the balls (there's a lot of Lady GaGa). Also: cheesy pop makes me happy. 

Remember physical and mental health are related
I'm called a granny because I like to be in bed at 10pm and then sleeping by 11pm. I don't care as I like a night of proper sleep and it helps me do more when I am awake. I eat loads because I'm a grumpy s*** when I'm not well-fed. I exercise loads because of those endorphins things (and because it helps release anger). Mental and physical health don't exist in a vacuum from each other - look after them both.

You'll never experience true happiness pretending to someone you're not
This was a titbit of advice I read in a teenage magazine in the early naughties. But it still holds true and it's not just teenagers who need to remember this. Be true and be you. Fill your time with things that excite you. Go after your dreams and find a job that fulfils you. Go find yourself fabulous friends to surround yourself with. Let the true you shine.

What do you do to keep your wellness in check?

morag | mo adore
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