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The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Care Range

If there's an area of beauty I pay a little bit too much attention than any person should it's foot care. An area of my body that no one really ever sees until summer (and even then) but that doesn't stop me from trying all sorts (such as a foot mask). 

I know I speak rather weirdly about The Body Shop and how their products are rather hit and miss (and their campaigns for ending animal testing but being owned by L'Oreal). However when it comes to their peppermint foot care range they have it spot on! After the new moringa range this is my favourite set. 

I'll admit that I haven't tried the full range - as you can maybe guess from the picture - but the products I have tried I love. As of right now I have tried three products (the picture lies) which are the pumice foot scrubs, deodarising foot spray, and the reviving leg gel. 

The foot scrub I picked up in early April as (the British) summer was approaching and I knew sandals would be in season again so decided to see what other products I could slip into my routine. I don't have overly dry feet as 1) I care for them all year round and 2) I work a desk job and do about zero exercise (and by about, I mean actually). Therefore I can't say whether or not this would be good for any tootsies that need serious TLC, but my gut says that it is much more suited for the every day maintenance of heels rather than a good pamper session. One of my favourite aspects of the scrubs is its smell. It smells very pepperminty and is a real pick me up when I'm showering at 7am whilst leaving my shower smelling delicious as I complete the rest of my morning routine. 

The Deodorising Spray, whilst not a very exciting product, is actually one of my favourite products ever ever ever. I mentioned it briefly in my Lush Volcano Foot Mask review as a great products for anyone who wants their feet a bit dryer and I stand by that. I've owned a few bottles of this product and I will definitely re-purchase again. I can't think of one flaw. 

Finally, we have the Reviving Leg Gel (un-pictured) which I picked up during my May pay packet shopping spree. I only bought this because The Body Shop had a deal on skincare so I decided to try some more of a range I was already praising. I have to say this is a nice product for after my half hour walk home from work but  I wouldn't say it's essential. It applies a cooling and tingly feeling to my legs which is really nice but I'm not like omgwow. It's the sort of product I'd recommend if money isn't much of a big deal to you - nice to have but not for the budget conscious. 

If I haven't made it clear I really like this range and can't wait to try the other products (I think my next purchase will be the intensive foot cream). 

Lots of peppermint love! 

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