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How much does my every day face cost?

I'm not really a huge make-up person so have always refrained from doing these types of posts because I didn't think there would be a particularly shocking price tag for my daily make-up (I can however spend hours getting ready for a special occasion). However the pieces of make-up I do wear are 'premium' so maybe this could actually be quite interesting.

Above is a nice wee family portrait of my daily make-up. As you may know the high percentage of Arbonne make-up is due to me being an Arbonne Consultant so I get a 35% discount so the high price tag is removed slightly for me :P

Arbonne Primer - £16.90 (£26 normally)
Arbonne Foundation in Alabaster - £21 (£31 normally)
Arbonne Foundation in Soft Blush -  £21 (£31 normally)
Illamasqua Concealer in 210 - £13 
B. Under eye concealer in light - £5.32 *
Arbonne blusher in Apricot - £13 (normally £20)
Soap & Glory supercat eyeliner - £6.00
Hd Brows (may or may not be cruelty-free - they ignored my e-mail) - circa £17 (I got mine in a Glossy box)
No7 mascara (not pictured because I'm a pleb) - £11.00 (I have a 'gift' sample though)

Total = £171.32 (though I paid £92.90)

So yep, even the simplest everyday face can add up! But one of the reasons I prefer high end make-up as it does so much longer! I have already owned that HD brows pallette years and some other products have been going months and don't look close to running soon. 

Lots of premium make-up love!

morag | mo adore
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  1. I love these posts I think they're so interesting haha! Do you mix those two foundations then? I think I'll need to get that primer when I run out of my current one, it's amazing! xx

    1. One of them is the lightest and the other is the fourth lightest, next month I'll purchase the second and third shades and see if one of them is the correct shade. In the meantime I'm mixing :P

  2. I keep meaning to get that HD Brows pallette - if it lasts that long it must be worth the investment (make up purchasing justification!) x

    1. It's really good! And lasts all day (even when everything else runs off, my eyebrows are stil on!)

  3. The Arbonne primer is my favourite! It feels amazing. x

    1. Totally. Was the first product I tried and haven't met someone else who doesn't love it!


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