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Lush Volcano Foot Mask

I first bought the Lush Volvano Foot Mask with the giftcard I got for my birthday. And when I mentioned it in my hall video, Instagram etc I was asked if I would do a review. That was back in November so I should probably get cracking.

Truthfully the reason I have taken about half a year to get 'round to this review is because I honestly don't have anything riviting to say about this product. You'd think something as strange as a foot mask would have loads of talking points, but honestly I found this product to be quite 'meh' - nothing horrible to say but also nothing worth doing a wooopeeee about. 

The product itself looks a bit yucky - it's a gray paste and does resemble that of a clay face mask. Smell wise it has a slight minty fresh fragrance but it isn't overpowering so even if mint ain't your thing this shouldn't be an off point.

Application wise it goes on very thick but is still quite spreadable. It feels very similar to clay mask on the face. I mentioned above that it has a mint fragrance but it doesn't have a cooling feel on the skin as I thought it might - it has no sensation whatsoever.

You then let this dry. I was told in the store when I bought it that you should put shopping bags over your feet (explains the picture) so you don't have sit with your feet in the air whilst they dry. I took on this advice and whilst I felt stupid it meant I could get on with my life whilst pampering my tootsies (and not get it over the white rug in my living room). 

Eventually you wash it off whilst massaging it into your feet. For practical reason I just hop in the shower as I can't be assed filling up a bucket of water to gradually massage it off. If I had done this then maybe I would have more to say but who really has time for this? 

Afterwards I found that my feet were a bit softer but the main difference I seen was how refreshed they felt. The clay mask (like all clay masks) soak up excess oil which for my feet doesn't mean oil but sweat. I don't suffer from particularly sweaty feet but the areas that are a bit sweat prone didn't have any excess sweat for the rest of the day. Sorry for all the sweat talk, but you started reading because you wanted an honest review, right?

This hasn't become a weekly beauty ritual for me and instead has become a now and then beauty treat. I use it on occasions where I've been running or during the winter when I'm wearing thick socks and my feet do get a tad sweatier. It may seem excessive but I would consider taking this on a holiday to combat any extra sweat from either really hot conditions or cold conditions where where my toes have been wrapped up. 

As for recommending it, I would say yes, it is a good product but I wouldn't say it is a must have. I am really into footcare but if you aren't and are looking to start a footcare regime I'd say get yourself a really good thick footcream for starters, and then work in a footscrub (and pumice stone if it's really bad) and if you would like to control the sweat on your feet I'd actually start by recommending The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray (I've linked the global site but I can assure you I seen it in a UK store last weekend). The Lush Volcano Foot Mask is an extra just for those moments when your feet really need it.

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