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The Linkables

Tiny Twist has got to be one of the most beautiful blogs I've come across in a while. 

What's the best way to refer to a romantic partner?

Bid to censor Anne Frank's 'pornographic' diary in schools fail 

I recently gave my pal Gillian an Arbonne lipstick to try and she included it in her latest make-up look

I wrote my first ever blog post for my work this week (it's about energy suppliers so you'll be forgiven if you don't read).

Typography + sandwhiches = awesome!

Pop culture ice-creams

21 travel Tumblrs for jet-setters

100 places to visit in Canada this summer

Lexican is the website for the your vocabulary whores.

Things we don't say enough (and when to).

If you're not quite organised yet here are some ideas on serving a great Eurovision menu.

30 bizarre and creative packaging ideas. I'm calling shot-gun on the tequila gun. 

My friend just moved to London and she is so excited about the prospect of a cat cafe.

On that note: 101 reasons you need to live in London once

And finally, if you live in Glasgow, you can pick up some free condoms at the Garage on a night out. Am I the only person who finds the idea of picking up condoms from the cloakroom cringy as hell?

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