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The Linkables

I like to stay out of ~internet dramaz~ but I agree with the nasty side of blogging.

Naughty American Apparel.

I love Charlene's recent wishlist (look at that cat skirt!).

Admittedly, I had been going off Gala Darling recently as it seemed she was neglecting her blog, but she's regained her momentum in the last few weeks with some awesome daily posts!

A great post on building self-esteem.

If you're going to San Francisco soon The Guardian have a round-up of blogs you might one to check out. One of the blogs is a burrito blog, I mean come on!

On that note, impress the locals with your knowledge on how San Fransisco streets got their names. (On a side note: I've not been actively Googling SF but I went there when I was six and it remains one of my favourite cities to date).

Top 10 questions millennials ask on the internet.

One of my most dedicated IRL followers got a blog: everyone go say hi to Steph!

I also discovered some Aberdonian blogs this week: The Honest Type, Liparazzi, A Scottish Lass, Twenty Something Beauty, Keeping Up With Katie and The Baking Fashionista (if you're knew to the party I was born in Aberdeen, high five to my quines!).

Another blog discovered this week: Making It Lovely.

And an online magazine aimed towards professional women: Your Coffee Break.

Finally, seven people who prove English majors aren't worthless.

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