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Cruelty-free Cleaning: EcoEgg in Orange Blossom

Eco Egg Orange Blossom

Remember in January when I turned into my mother and began raving about a cleaning product called the Laundry Egg?

Well, the blogging gods clearly listened as Ecoegg sent me over their newest kit* to try some more of their range. Inside of it was their Antibacterial Laundry Egg (a world first!), 2 Laundry Egg Holders, a Double Size Stain Remover, and an Ultimate Detox Tablet. I was also sent their newest fragrance, Orange Blossom to try out to see how it compared to the Soft Cotton fragrance I already have.

Naturally, I was excited (I actually received make-up samples the same day, but was more excited about my newest egg) and grabbed what was currently in laundry basket to try it out (like the secret forty year old that I am).

eco egg allergy uk

Each of the eggs are filled with tiny balls that act like a detergent. In each egg there are mineral pellets and tourmaline pellets which acts together to clean your clothes without the use of chemicals. The Orange Blossom box came with several packets of laundry refills, some of which were suitable for whites and some for coloured laundry. EcoEgg has also sent me over a second antibacterial egg so I've created an egg for my coloured clothes and one for my white clothes (so I now have three eggs in total making me weirdly organised).

In my first review I said I would need to see how long it lasts me. I can now report that my original egg is still going strong and in use despite having used it every week since January. So now I have two scents to switch up and change as need be. The quality of both are exactly the same so it will be down to personal choice which scent works best for who (there are other scents on the EcoEgg website too).

eco egg double stain remover

Also included in the package was their Double Sized Stain Remover. The Batman top I wear to bed and to get ready in the morning (or just generally laze around my flat in) was getting pretty worse for wear with make-up and toothpaste stains so was the perfect place to start. Obviously these aren't exactly the crème de la crème of stains so I can't vouch for whether it will work on anything more stainy ( oil? kids finger paint?) but I can vouch it removed my (probably) one month old toothpaste stains (and random bronzer marks).

ecoegg maching machine detox tablet

On top of all this they also sent me over an Ultimate Detox Tablet to clean my washing machine with. I’m going to admit that cleaning the machine I clean my clothes in is one of those adult things I haven’t quite ticked off my list yet. So…my washing machine was probably in dire need of a detox. To use it, you place it in your empty washing machine and send it for a wash on your hottest setting to get the drum and all those pipes cleaned out. It’s one of those products that are hard to determine the effectiveness of as I’m not really sure how one check’s their laundry pipes, but my machine definitely had a fresh clean smell to it afterwords (for the sake of a review I did pop my head at the entrance of my machine washing and had a sniff...).

This is quite a lot of products to absorb in one go, however if you do want to try this out for yourself, QVC UK will be doing a special deal on everything I've mentioned for better than half the price of buying each product individually on the EcoEgg website. This coming Monday this kit will be the Today's Special Value on QVC so if you do fancy buying it, hop on over on Monday!

The full kit contains:
- The Orange Blossom EcoEgg with refills
- A spare antibacterial Laundry Egg
- Two laundry egg holders
- An Ultimate Detox Tablet
- A double sized stain remover

This deal and the Orange Blossom fragrance is exclusive to QVC as well.

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