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The Linkables


This week has been a bit more relaxed than usual. Aside from completing my third trapeze lesson (finally getting somewhere with climbing the rope) I've been having a chilled week, which has included working my way through Lolita, making a delicious vegan pizza and selecting the winner for my first giveaway. 

And, obviously, reading a lot of stuff on the internet! 

Veganism & Food

One of my favourite new speciality food blog finds this week is Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

I was invited to the Happy Food Launch in Edinburgh but life got in the way of food. Here's Jen's blog of how the night went

If you're vegan and in the Essex area Sarah is hosting a meet-up

Feminism & Equality

I agree with cutting obnoxious and toxic people out your life. But have a bit of compassion for people with mental health problems

On a similar note: managing my spoons apparently makes me a shitty friend. (Article SFW, but the site it's written on is NSFW)

If any women I care about goes ahead with pregnancy which was caused by rape I'd stand by her, but some woman have felt stigmatised in this situation


My homewares wishlist is getting slowly larger thanks to Louise sharing her garden party wishlist

Happenings in Scotland

The nominees for the Scottish Fashion Awards is out now. Did you favourite brand make the cut?

I currently work on the Finnieston Strip, and I agree that it has a lot of local talent to offer.

I can't get across to Dundee this weekend but if I could I'd totally be visiting the Artificial Womb craft fair

If you're looking to get your nails done (especially if you want nails with broccolis and a rogue carrot - and why would you not?) look no further than the new NAF! Salon

Mimmi took her first trip to my home town of Aberdeen recently, here's her photos and thoughts (the word grey is used, ha!).

Glasgow will soon be getting another geek café

Blogging & Marketing

Helga - who's blog I've been reading for close to a decade - shares how much money she's spent on her blog. 

Technology required for a simple sales funnel.

If you're wanting to be more proactive in developing brand partnerships but feel a bit icky 'pitching' a brand, I discovered Bloggers Required and got selected for the first project I threw my name in the hat for.

Whilst I've never had a job that involves hosting a stall at a craft fayre, I do regularly attend them and as a consumer I agree with these mistake to avoid


Ayden has a lovely new blog post up on how to get a good night's sleep.

One of the biggest barries I faced entering 'geek culture' when I was a student was that I was studying a non-geek subject in the business school. This 29 Photos of Cosplayers Revealing their Day Job is a reminder that you don't have to be geeky by trade to be a geek.

If you're travelling to California anytime soon, $200 to swim with river otters would be money very well spent.

10 retro games you can play on your smart phone (including snake). 

If you're thinking about getting  your nose pierced, here's some advice some recent nose-piercee Lauren

How Manouk has dealt with ethical dilemmas whilst travelling the world was interesting and eye-opening. 

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