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The Linkables

From here. 

How is everyone's Friday? I know it's pay weekend for a lot of people so I hope you're celebrating wisely. Personally I've ordered a range of new books and supported the Scottish fashion scene with a sneaky new ring purchase. Living the rock and roll lifestyle. 

I had my final trapeze lesson of this block last Sunday so will be having my first weekend in a while where I'm not hanging upside down. I'm also heading to the #ScotBlogMeet on Sunday which I am sooooo excited about and you should give me a holla if you are also going. 

Much love x

Feminism & Equality

It took a Reddit user (of all people) to explain why you shouldn't say "all lives matter" in response to Black Lives Matter.

I was very relieved that the foxhunting ban was kept in place. Here's a blog post on foxhunting, the SNP, the badger cull and a vegan cookbook.

How the rainbow flag became the symbol of LGBT pride.

I wasn't actively Googling for James Bond articles but I came across this list of eight actors who turned down the role, and this list of four gay actors who would make a fantastic 007.

A vegan article which has went viral this week The Myth of Vegan Progress in Israelcomes from a blog which includes a category on the topic of Veganism in Occupied Territories which is intersectional food for thought.

Let's talk about something serious: more women regret having kids than having abortions.

For my parent readers, what to do if your kid comes out as transgender?

How Sea Shepherd chased down Poachers across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans


A cute as hell Scottish Etsy shop I found this week. 

Remember when I moved to Glasgow and paid £6 a day taking public transport to work and then realised I could walk there in the same time without spending anything? Here's 25 ways to save money on your commute so you not be as stupid as me.

I love love love wedding p***, especially from couples who do their own thing. Like this Autumn wedding outside Tullibole Castle.

Going for a picnic in Glasgow? Possible not, given the summer Scotland has been having. But maybe hold onto this article on 10 ways to up your picnic game in Glasgow until next summer.

You might know that I used to be perform as a (totally amateur) dancer. Whilst my stage was usually something in a village hall or student centre, these picture of famous European theatres from the stage gave me that nostalgic feeling.

17 of the funniest Doric expressions. Really need to start using these in Glasgow...

Heading to the Edinburgh Book Festival? Here's some tips on what to see.


I like a bit of positive thinking as much as the next 21st Century internet gal. But this post on Conscious optimism versus lazy, pseudo-spiritual optimism is right on.

Clueless is 20 years old (!!!) here's 25 facts about one of the 90's greatest films.

A shed is not just for storing gardening shears. It's also a place to make a girl den!

I know I keep sharing posts from Lauren's blog, but here's another one I liked on what she really watches on Netflix.

I also share a lot of posts from Hayley's blog. Here's her recent book review, which sounds right up my feminist street!

If you're planning on downloading Windows 10, here's some privacy issues to be aware of.

Yep! 20 things that happens when you start working full-time

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