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29 July 2015

Banana and Coconut Cake Smoothie

coconut and banana cake smoothie

If there's one type of food or drink that I've loved consistently throughout my life, it's the smoothie. If there's one thing I've been quite bad at throughout my life, it's naming things. Banana and Coconut Cake Smoothie? It's probably makes you think of those cake in a mug recipes, this is probably nothing of the sort. However, it's the name I'm going with. 

Something the title does imply correctly is that this a pretty sweet recipe full of sugar. So probably not one for anyone on a diet. It also correctly implies that there's a some banana and coconut in their too. 

So anyway let's get out the ActiveBlend and get to it...

One banana sliced
two dessert spoons peanut butter
two dessert spoons butterscotch syrup
sprinkle of cinnamon

Blend it all together and you should have a sweet and thick smoothie to sip away to at your hearts content! Possibly you should have a slice of cake with it too....


  1. Sounds yummy! For those who want it to be a little healthier, you could also use maple syrup instead of the butterscotch one :)

  2. This sounds delicious! In my opinion it sounds better than a cake as well, thank you for sharing :) xx


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