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The Linkables


Is everyone having a good Friday? I'm currently chilling after what has been a busy week. I was at Glasgow City Comic Con last weekend where I bought some indie comics and increased my Batgirl New 52 collection to more than 50% completion. I also had my second ever trapeze lesson on Wednesday so my muscle are still tender from that. And then I had the important adult task of completing Season 1 of Once Upon a Time. 

Now onto links! 

Feminism & Equality

Wonder what it's like to accidentally take magic mushrooms? Here's what happened to Jayne

Getting your period is never fun. Even worse when you're in an American prison.

Girl Scouts turn down a $100,000 donation in order to stand by trans girls.

Whilst this is a very sensitive topic and requires more than one article to talk through it, it reminds me a situation myself and others have been in. 4 Ways to Find Out if Your Partner is Using Depression as an Excuse for Abusive Behaviour.

Whilst I've never been a Playboy fan and I'm not surprised by it, my heart was breaking reading about Holly Madison's experience of the Playboy Mansion.

How about we stop asking female celebrities if they are feminist and ask them about the issues instead?

Blogging & Marketing

RuPaul's Drag List is still hanging about on my 'to-watch' list but even I know the loyalty its fans display. Here's what marketers can learn from that

Woah! 200 essential resources for start-ups.

I used to love Pinterest but fell out of love as I didn't feel it was doing much for my blog traffic. With Olivia's tips I might resurrect it and give it a face-lift (maybe I just haven't been using it properly?). 

Personal Development, Relationships & Life

I'm an introvert who was raised by extroverts, which got draining (probably for my parents as well). Here's Susan Cain's guide for parents who have a small introvert in the house.

Increasing my assertiveness is something I've been actively working on for years. Here's another article to add to my inspiration pile.

On a similar note, how to improve your emotional intelligence.

Mel has been sharing publicly on her blog her battle with her eating disorder and her posts have been eye-openers. Here's her letter to her ED.

Which London tube station to pop into if you're a single commuter looking for love.

Even if your love life is peachy, don't forget about your pooch's. If your four legged friend hasn't found the one yet then get them on TinDog (this is exactly what you think this is...).

If you're in a relationship, you probably aren't feeling as much financial strain as single Brits


Liz Earl are a cruelty-free company who have been owned by a testing parent company for a while. But they've now been bought by a different parent company. We'll need to see what this means for their cruelty-free status.

Growing up in North-East Scotland means I've seen my fair share of the Aurora Borealis. But up until now I had no idea that Aurora Australis existed

Later this month will see another instalment of the Flying Duck's Vegan Fate.

To add to my list of reasons I don't read VICE Magazine: their partnership with one of my least favourite brands, Unilever

And finally, brutally honest wine labels. Ha! 

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