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8 July 2015

Vegan burger at Handmade Burger Co

handmade bruger co vegan burger

Within the past year we have seen a number of UK chain restaurants make vegan additions to their menus from Jamie's Italian to Pizza Express. Very recently I discovered that Handmade Burger Co have also listened to consumers and now include four vegan burgers on their menu (as well three other burgers which are just vegetarian). Naturally I took myself and my tastebuds along to their Glasgow branch to give one of them a taste test. 

Now, I love a veggie burger and I'm not sick of them despite them being the default option on so many menus (you can still be a burger person even if you don't eat the meat kind). But it was nice to sit there and actually debate which option to have. In the end I went for the sweet potato & bean burger which came with a mango salsa. 

This burger was very well made. The bun was of the perfect crispy balance. And the mango salsa that accompanied it wasn't some off the shelf sauce they bought in - it consisted of chopped up fresh mango. However, the actual flavour of the burger was lacking and I really felt they could have thrown in some extra herbs. I was there with Alan who chose the hot chilli beef burger and made similar comments to my own. The bulk of my non-meat eating readers might want to turn their eyes away, but he said the beef itself was some of the best he's ever tasted however the overall burger wasn't remotely spicy.

I'm extremely grateful that another chain restaurant has added some vegan options to their menus. It makes it easier for vegans across the UK to eat out and also means that if I'm in a British city I've never been to before I already have on-hand knowledge of where I can eat instead of frantically Googling where the nearest vegan cafe is.

Have you ever been to Handmade Burger Co.? Do you know somewhere else I should try to get a vegan burger fix?

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  1. This sounds so good! Love that they've got so many veggie options. I've never been to the Handmade Burger Co, but now I definitely want to go.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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