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The Linkables

Mobile fashion shops (as in fashion shops in vans) are a thing in the USA.

If you're a London reader, there's a vegetarian café now hiring.

Been doing some reading on suffragette Ethel Moorhead.

One of my favourite vloggers Melissa Fabello films in front of her bookcase and being the nosey parker that I am (and knowing that we're likely to share similar tastes in books) her bookcase tour video had me watching intently.

I was searching on YouTube for more bookcase tours and stumbleupon an asmr and comic book cross over niche (This is a great ASMR channel which also includes a Morticia Adams does your make-up video).

I love the idea of a weekend away in Cornwall. In a treehouse

Best feminist books for young readers.

Events (such as weddings and corporate function) make the vegan in me worry if I'll have anything to eat. But I was at a work event and came across the GH Event Catering stand which had the gluten-free and vegan nibbles marked out!

After 18 years Buffy is still revoluntionary

You know that belief that women want relationships and men was casual sex? It's a myth.

Emily gives us 5 reasons to play netball.

Sky Sports will be broadcasting the Netball World Cup this summer (though I am annoyed that they're focusing on the England matches, there's other UK teams taking part you know...).

Here's a fantastic guide on switching your household energy supplier.

I've recently switched to Ovo Energy, and they've since joined the ECO pledge. 

There's a business Twitter chat called #CakeClubHour

A guide to what the clitoris is, and what it isn't.

How to turn negative social media posts into an opportunity.

In news that doesn't shock me, making girls look after a doll doesn't stop teenage pregnancy.

Hahahaha: a bisexual make-up tutorial.

You may have heard about #BoyCottLimeCrime and here's a good video on the low-down.

"If your name is uncommon, you are more likely to be a delinquent". And other findings about names that I'm not sure are true.

I'm a woman who doesn't want kids and it has happened that I've dated men who've wanted kids, so none of this surprised me.

"It's quite rude, insulting and ignorant." What Jennifer Aniston has to say about society's obsession with asking women when they'll have kids.

There's been a big leap forward in solar panelled transport recently.

TTIP is not getting much attention in mainstream media but the people who do know about it don't like it: including MPs who worry about what it will mean for our environmental standards.

The Campaign for Nuclear Dissarmament has has collected the views of candidates across Scotland regarding Trident and nuclear weapons and put them in a handy database.

Whilst on the topic of the elections, make sure you are registered to vote (they've changed a few things so please be diligent and double check).

The Vegan Womble is a great blog to find out what food/cleaning products/cosmetics are vegan in UK supermarkets.

There's a new restaurant in Dundee of the Lebenese persuassion and it has a very veggie friendly menu.

This SEO guide is quite technical but it's worth a read if you want to improve your URLs for search.

A guide to sponsored content on Instagram in 2015.

What happened when Rachel lived the life of the Pinterest popular page.

It was Steak & Blow Job day recently, and here's a feminist and vegan critique of it.

On the 4th of April you can visit Katie's Bar in Glasgow and get served by a guy from Corrie!

If you're in California and need abortion advice, please be wary of these places.

If you're in Minneapolis and need a winter date spot, here's an article.

In slightly more upbeat American news: the AHS mansion from season 1 was sold for $3.2 million.

And if any my readers are in the market for a castle, there's some in Italy for sale.

Nom: 5 ingredient vegan ice cream snickers.

And finally, brides tossing (badly Photoshopped) cats.

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