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Lunch at Avery & Co., Dundee

avery and co falafel

When I was most recently in Dundee it wasn't just the West Bar that I took my tastebuds on a wee trip to. Before my bus on the Sunday I stopped by another café in the Westport area which I had heard offered a good vegan selection called Avery & Co

Because my backside needed to be back on the Glasgow bus in the next wee while this was a bit of a flying visit. So even though there were multiple choices on the menu I wanted to dig my vegan paws into I decided to pick the falafel (minus the tzatziki, which was no trouble for the kitchen) just for quickness. But I'd love to go back and sample the lentil pate, the veggie haggis or go later in the day and try out their dinner menu.

I was also there with my pal Alan who went for the steak burger and he said it was a very good burger! 

Avery and Co dundee menu

Something else I really liked about this place was the atmosphere and decor. The owners clearly put a lot of effort into the whole café and not just the food. The place was grey but with flashes of yellow in the menu, the occasional chair and the napkins. They also have a very strong social media presence with an on-point Facebook page and Instagram feed. I might just think these are nice touches because I'm a marketer however it just gives that feel that a business is really passionate about when they do when they take things such as branding and social media seriously. 

In case it wasn't obvious I rate Avery & Co. very highly and would more than recommend it. I'm planning to nip back myself as some point to nibble on some cauliflower pakora....

P.S. I've given my Scotland map an update to include all my recent reviews.
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