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A good make-up base with Urban Decay

urban decay base make-up

Whilst I own plenty of drugstore beauty products, when it comes to the perfect base I believe its worth paying up a bit more for something high end. Every single foundation that I have rated highly has come from the slightly pricer end of the scale. And one brand I've always thought is great for a good base is Urban Decay. 

I purchased the Naked Skin Foundation months ago and I am still going through it as a little bit goes a long way. It's a great 'work' foundation for the day time and lasts well with a primer and setting spray added in. If you like a thick and full coverage foundation this probably isn't up your street however for a light natural-looking foundation I'm yet to come across anything better. 

I've blogged before about how amazing the Make-up Setting Spray is and I maintain that it is a dream product. I find this works a lot better than a simple primer for help keeping make-up in place, however I recommend doing your mascara after your spritz your face.

I've recently finished the Pore Perfection Primer Potion. Arbonne remains my favourite primer however this is my favourite one which is readily available on the high street (Arbonne uses the pricy DPD even when the person orders one lipstick...). I find the tube quite annoying when the product goes low (every other primer I've bought was a pump) and I do find that it's a very small product given that UD usually has generous product sizes.

Urban Decay are an amazing brand with high quality products however if you follow me on Twitter/take part in #cfbloggers you'll know that I'm trying to wean myself off cf companies with testing parent companies. So you'll see less Urban Decay on the blog.

Have you tried any of these products? Have any other recommendations for similar products?

morag | mo adore
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