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4 March 2015

Lunch at the West Bar, Dundee

west bar interiors

If you ever happen to be in Dundee and are looking for a café (or bar) a good part of town to look is the Westport. It's a street just to the west of the city centre and is near the Rep Theatre as well as the University of Dundee grounds. One of the places situated here to eat (and drink in the evenings) is the aptly named West Bar

You may have previously known this place as something else, possibly the Snow Bar. It's now been given a rustic make over with typography prints included throughout. They also have had a reasonably sized day-time menu which has vegan options. 

salad west bar dunee

I went for the roast vegetable salad, which comes with spiced apricot couscous, spiced nuts, fennel shavings, garlic flatbread & coriander yoghurt (the last of which I asked not to be included which was no problem). I know vegans are a bit used to a salad being the default option but this is a more interesting and not a run-of-the-mill salad. And if you really don't want a salad you could also have a roast vegetable and hummus panini, a mezze, a house salad...

Or arbriatta (with the parmesa removed). 

arbiatta west bar


If you live in Dundee have you ever been to the West Bar? If not does this look like the sort of place you'd go?

P.S. Similar places I've reviewed in Dundee include The Folk Café and The Pancake Place.  

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  1. Looks lovely! We recently went to Castlehill Restaurant in Dundee (not vegan!) but it was fab!


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