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The Linkables

How to disagree without being a jerk

My cruelty-free blogging pal and science student talks us through some of the alternatives to animal testing (the comments also go into more discussion).

My cruelty-free pal Lizzie shares her thoughts on an ethical sanitary towels and pantyliner brand.  

If you're a marketer and looking for some marketing Twitter chats here's a list (it's slightly American).

Discovery of the week: Glasgow has an eco-friendly hair salon

A Twitter account that tweets words unique to certain regions of America.

One of the best intersectional feminist articles I've read (specifically about black women): The road to structural erasure is paved with well-intentioned white ladies

50 shades of Gray has been getting a bucketload of attention but Laci Green does a good round up in her braless video on the MTV channel (she also filmed a fabulous BDSM 101 video on her own channel). 

One of my favourite Scottish political blogs also commented on the film, naming their piece 50 Shade of Pish.

Something from the Scottish comic crowd: a Scottish comic hero called Saltire

60 of the best Android apps launched in 2014.

If you work in PR and are tired of explaining what it is you actually do here's a quick guide

You're all probably reading Gala Darling anyway but her recent post on making your bedroom magical is to die for.

You're probably all reading A Rosie Outlook as well but I really loved her home improvement on a budget post

Hotel Chocolate has released a dairy-free chocolate egg.

A happy diary can help improve employees accuracy levels

There's an event in Dundee in two weeks time where women get together to sort out the gender balance on Wikipedia

Abundance is a service which allows people like you and me to invest in clean energy projects. 

Female sport is one of my primary feminist issues and this article talks about the possibility of integrating teams (i.e. teams made up of female and male athletes)

Tories vow to extend badger cull if elected (You probably knew this, but just making sure).

One of the utility news sites I read for work wrote something about TTIP and they aren't all that convinced by it. Funny that.

Who said it...Kanye or a creative director?   

I haven't owned a lego set since I was 10....but these gold ones would do me just fine

If you're visiting New York City organise your transport with this map identifying the amount of unique bacteria on each subway

My parents did a good job teaching me about money but never told me how much they earned until I had to apply for student loans. These parents tell their kids how much they earn

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