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20 February 2015

The Linkables

Proof that it's not just the big six energy suppliers that can be dicks. (An energy supplier can't stop you from switching, even if you're in a fixed term agreement you can pay to get out).

Turning break-up texts...into works of art.

I have a Sunday evening ritual where I get ready for the week looks a bit like this.

This man's open letter to his HIV made me drop a tear and smile at the same time.

A NSFW sexy link...why do some straight women prefer lesbian porn?

The number of households switching their energy supplier was at a three-year high in 2014

Let's stop taxing tampons (an essential products for almost every woman).

I've been moaning about not being able to afford the netball world cup in Sydney, but it's been confirmed the 2019 cup will be in Liverpool!

What to do in your garden in February.

4 tips to banish garden weeds permanently.

Apprently Sk8r Boi was almost made into a film.

I've said before I'm against school uniforms and one of those reasons is that they cost so damn much

The campaign for the Scottish Green Candidate in Paisley Renfrewshire North is now on.

5 reasons why Labour should seriously fear wipeout in Scotland.

LOL: a food blog that features sad bachelor food.

I don't eat eggs, but this tutorial on cooking them inside out caught my eye.

Biologists argue that the idea of there just being two sexes is too simplistic.

Grucho's in Dundee is getting a documentary but first it requires some crowd funding.

Facebook's real name policy can be annoying but many Native Americans has to use a fake name as their real name was flagged at unauthentic.

A Buzzfeed list I'm loling at: how much of a 00's beauty hoarder were you?

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